I offer a strong list of services for both businesses and individuals. I also work with others in the insurance industry and support their efforts as well. I work with single households and companies ranging in size from 3 to 6,000. I serve as a powerful resource and help everyone develop a recipe for success with needed protection offerings and solutions. Listed below is a solid list of services I offer to my clients and/or colleagues.

    Making you and your benefits amazing.

  • General PPACA compliance analysis/solutions
  • Benefits cost-saving analysis and solutions
  • Ongoing communication relevant to business and benefits offerings
  • Health insurance guidance/Support
  • Voluntary benefit offerings
  • Pre-Tax/Section 125 implementation
  • New hire full benefits education/communication
  • Ongoing benefits support in communication/implementation/service
  • Full benefits documentation compliance assistance/solutions
  • FSA, HSA, HRA, and benefit bank education/communication/implementation

    Protecting you and your loved ones.

  • Life insurance analysis/offering
  • Challenging underwriting/health solutions
  • Customized individual/family financial, investment, and protection planning
  • Disability analysis/offering
  • Long term care analysis/offering
  • Health insurance guidance/support

    Supporting you as you build your business.

  • Group implementation support/product
  • Supplemental/Voluntary offering and solutions
  • Continual support/service on all products
  • Guaranteed group protection/support
  • Complete networking solutions to help you grow your agency/book
  • Strategic planning sessions
  • Solution-based product offerings
  • Carrier billing and claims reconciliations
  • Enrollment support on all product offerings