I'm glad you are here. Feel free to look around. The main purpose of this site is to help you know me a little better so I can have the opportunity to help protect you and those you love from the possibilities and eventualities of life. I want to understand you and your needs so I can advise the best fit and strategy for you and those who count on you to protect them. On this site, you'll see most of the services and tools I utilize as "shields" for that protective help. Whether it is health insurance, life, disability, cancer, accident, or even a critical illness that interests you, my purpose is to educate, advise, and guide in such a way that leads you to a better state of knowledge that you are doing all that you can for those in your life that matter the most. Most insurance and benefits are not about you. They are about those who need you. I often state I am a friend to many and a hero to a few. I want to help you be that hero as well. Together we can do just that.

I would love to say I can do all this by myself. I can't. I also have a closely knit referral network I use. These professionals will help you in those areas where they excel and where you and I agree that we need their assistance. My point in stating that is to let you know that no matter who you are or what your need is, I can help lead you and guide you to a better position of protection. Better protection leads to a better state of mind knowing that if the possibilities or eventualities of life come your way, those around you can have a chance of weathering the storm.

Special Note to Business Owners

Join me in helping your people be heroes to their loved ones. Your business matters. The people that help you run it matter. The best way for me to offer the services I do is when you and I can work together to bring what I do to work. It's important that the backbone of your company gets the education and guidance necessary for them to make the right decisions for them and their families. You owe it to them to have a professional who will guide them and bring them to the conclusion that there are ways they can be better protected without the cost of that bearing down on you, your business, and your production.

Each person you employ matters. Do you know what the most valuable benefit you provide them is? It's their paycheck. Some employers think that's enough. Some employers don't want to bring some "sales guy" in to meet with their people for fear they'll be sold things they don't need. When you work with me, I show them how they can best utilize that paycheck to provide the best protections for themselves and their loved ones without upsetting their budget. Did you know that many of the protections I provide cost less than one hour of work for them? That's where I start and that could be all that's needed. Did you also know that those valued employees with chronic illnesses can get coverage as well? Many people have issues and they've been told "no" many times. When you open your doors to me, those people who couldn't get coverage before may be pleasantly surprised.

Can you see how working with me helps you become a hero as well? Most business owners want to be sure that whoever they bring in and introduce to their people are solid and who they say they are. I ask that you look at the testimonials tab on this website and if you have LinkedIn you can see what others have rated me as an expert in and what they have had to say about me. The offer is this: Help me help you help them (say that 15 times fast).